FANPUSH is an innovative tool that all artists, app developers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and any other creative person can utilize. The platform puts users first by not only competing aggressively on fees, but by also utilizing their intimate knowledge of arts, culture and small business to support users who are seeking funds for their projects.

Since its launch in 2013, FANPUSH has had many success stories. Some of these include:

  • Funded Canadian Roots artist WiL’s new album, El Paseo, within 10 days. The album was recently nominated for Best Roots Album at the Western Canadian Music Awards during the BreakOut West 2015 in Victoria, British Columbia in September of 2015.
  • Sponsored the 2013 Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA) for the Interactive Artist or Group of the Year award that was won by the group High Valley.
  • Funded a project for Emmy Award winning composer and producer Don Breithaupt’s project: The Breithaupt Brothers Songbook which features artists including Sarah Slean, Ron Sexsmith, Marc Jordan, Sophie Milan and Paul Shaffer.

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TOMMY K.W. LAM, Founder

Hailing from rural Saskatchewan, and currently residing in the Vancouver suburbs, Tommy K.W. Lam, a former drummer, radio & record producer/engineer who manages and develops up-coming talents and founder of FANPUSH, has been using the internet to promote musicians and artists for over twenty years. In the early nineties he was co-founder of several innovative projects including one of the first independent music platforms, Digital Groove, as well as one of the first internet broadcast stations, Extremely Independent Radio. FANPUSH was born from Tommy's understanding of the situations and needs experienced by artists.


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