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With your Dashboard you will have full access to all the information about your Projects, Contributions, Donations, Followers and Comments. You will also be able to invite your friends to help support your Project.


Your Project(s)

Here you will be able to find all the details of your Projects.

• Successful Projects
• Running Projects
• Project Followers
• Projects Following
• Contributions (Sent - what you have donated)
• Contributions (Received - donations for your projects)

  • Active Projects' Contributions are labelled Pending Contributions
  • Completed Projects' Contributions are labelled Successful Contributions


Within each of your Projects - depending on the status of your Project, you will be able to:

1) Edit Project
You will have full ability to edit all parts of your Project in Draft mode. Once a Project has been approved by the Administrator, you will not be able to change the Category, Title of Project, Location, Goal, Time Zone and Deadline.

With Goods you will be not be able to edit or delete a Goods once it has been claimed. We suggest adding a new Goods rather than changing an existing Goods allowing your fans and supporters more options.


2) Delete Project

If you change your mind and wants to delete your Project, you can only delete your Project when it is in the Draft Mode. Once a Project has been approved and launched you will not be able to delete the Project. Please make sure you are completely ready to launch your Project before submitting it for review.  


3) Project Dashboard

Here you will find full details of your Project