Help Center

1) Overview

Here you will find an overview of your Project

* You will also be able to contact the Administrator by clicking on the red chat symbol on the right corner of the Project


2) Updates

You can add Updates to your Project and see previous Updates you have posted


3) Comments

See Comments left on your Project


4) Contributions

A complete list of all Contributors, their email address, Goods selected, amount contributed, FANPUSH fees paid and Contribution status.


5) Goods

Here you will find the complete list of all Goods you have posted on your Project. You can also add more Goods to your Project from here.

Within each Goods listed, you can click on Claimed and see details of supporters who has claimed that Goods. You will also be able to check off Goods that you have sent/shipped out to keep track of your Goods.


6) Gallery

You are able to Add more Videos, Images or Documents to your Project here.


7) Widgets

Get the Embed code to add the Project card to your website or blog. All you have to do is copy and paste the code provided to your website and your Project display card will appear on your website as well.


8) Share

Share your Project with different Social Networks, the more exposure your Project gets the better the chance of your Project reaching your Goal.


9) Followers

Here you will find all the followers of your Project