Help Center

1) Let's Get Started

  • Select the category that best describes your Project
  • Determine how much you would like to raise - Your Goal for the Project

2) Set Up Your Project

Here you must enter details of your Project such as:

  • Project Basics - Project Card Image, Title of your Project, a Short Description, Where this Project is located
  • Your Funding Target - Goal, your Time Zone and when the Deadline of the Project (Specific number of Days or Specific End Date)
  • Your Story - this is where you tell your supporters what your Project is all about and why you are raising funds - aka 'The Pitch'. You will have to include either a Video or Image and Pitch Text.
  • Your Goods - Provide Goods in return for Contributions. Enter your Goods details here. How much and how many are available? This is optional as Campaigns can be by donations only.

3) Boost Your Project

  • Project Team - Add Team Members to your Project - having more people involved will help improve your Project's chances of reaching its Goal.
  • Video Gallery (optional) - You can add more videos related to your Project
  • Image Gallery (optional) - You can add more images related to your Project
  • Document (optional) - You can add document(s) related to your Project
  • External Links - Add Social Network Links related to your Project. This will provide your Project with more credibility. And the more credible you and your Project are, the more likely people will support it.

4) Get Funded

As all Payment goes through PayPal, you will need to enter your PayPal account information.

* Please Note: All PayPal accounts needs to be verified before it can accept payments, please follow the steps to open and verify an account with PayPal before starting your Campaign. Opening a PayPal account usually takes about 3-4 business as it verifies your bank account information. Once you have entered all the required information, submit your Project in to be reviewed. Once approved your Campaign will go live and you can start getting people to contribute to your Project.