Help Center

Title of Your Project

  • A Title is one of the first thing your supporters will see in your Project so you better make sure it is catchy and interesting.
  • The Title of Your Project is also your Project Link so don’t make it too long. (We do provide a shorten url as an alternative)
  • For better search results, make sure you have included your name or your organization in the title.


Short Description

  • Keep this description short and to the point


Your Project Goal

  • Be realistic with your Goal.
  • Work out a budget of how much everything will cost.
  • Don't forget to include the cost of all of your Goods you're offering your fans for their support.
  • Don't forget to include all of the fees including FANPUSH's fee.
  • As FANPUSH is a Keep-It-All (Flexible) Funding platform, if you project does not reach your financial goal you are still able to keep the amount you raise.
  • Please refer to FANPUSH's Fees for more details.


Project Time Limit

  • Projects can be anywhere between 30 to 180 days from the day you setup your project.
  • Select the best timeframe best suited for your project.
  • Always keep your fanbase in mind and how quickly they will react to your project. You do not want a project that is long dawn out which you will lose people’s interest. But on the other hand, having a very short project duration will require intense focus and dedication on everyone's part.



  • This is your opportunity to reach out to your supporters and tell them exactly what your project is all about.
  • Tell your supporters the story behind what you are doing and why? Why are you on FANPUSH?
  • Explain to your supporters in detail what you will be using this money for.
  • What it is you are trying to accomplish and how are you going to do it?
  • Be passionate but be authentic.
  • Show a breakdown of your budget for the project.
  • Remember: Credibility and Accountability means everything.
  • Tell your supporters about the Goods you may be offering them in exchange for their support.
  • Go into details about each item or experiences offered.
  • Explain to your supporters how the Keep-It-All (Flexible) Funding platform works. How every little bit raised will be put into good use.
  • Utilize the FANPUSH's description editor to enhance the overall look and feel of your Project Description by adding photos, links and color. The more professional your project looks the more attention and support you will attract.



  • Goods can be anything that you feel is worth a value to your supporters.
  • Remember these are your supporters and they are here to support you so reward them with Goods and experiences that they will cherish forever.
  • Goods can vary in price value from anything from $5 to $1000+. It's up to you how you would like to set this up. But remember these are your supporters so be realistic when setting up your price value of your Goods.
  • Always keep in mind that these Goods will cost money to produce and ship out so be sure to consider the cost when working out your Goods for your supporters. The last thing we want to see is you owing these Goods to your supporters and you have no money to produce them.
  • You can always offer experiences or Goods that does not cost much to produce. If you’re an artist: download of your new album, credits on your next album or even a chance to hang out with you in the studio.
  • Be creative and have fun but always remember your fans/supporters are everything, treat them well and they will be your supporters forever.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the project owner to ensure that all Goods are awarded to your supporters at the expected delivery date.