Help Center

Crowdfunding may be something totally brand new to some people. That is why we hope everyone will educate themselves and do the necessary due diligence before contributing or starting up a project.


Contributing to a Project is quite simple:


1) You can go directly to the Project page and click on Contribute Now button and select your Goods. Or you can donate any amount you feel appropriate. You will be asked to enter your Email Address. All non-Signed In contributions will be displayed as Anonymous. If the Goods needs to be shipped you will need to enter your Shipping Information before proceeding to the Payment with PayPal. Once PayPal payment has been made you will receive an Email Confirmation for your Contribution along with your PayPal payment receipt.


2) Sign Up or Log In to your FANPUSH account. The steps to contributing is the same. The Only difference is all Contributions processed with an account will be logged into your Dashboard. You will be able to keep track of how much you have contributed and for which Project.