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PayPal Restrictions for International Project Creators:

Please note: Project Creators from certain countries may not be able to use PayPal as their payment option and therefor will not be able to accept payments for their campiagn.


We highly recommend users from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region to offer "acceptable rewards" in their campaign. Acceptable Reward is “tangible or intangibles which have an objectively assessable value ie. digital goods.” If Project Creators from the APAC region would like to offer intangible perks, they should use PayPal at their own risk.

Examples of tangible Perks: A Physical Thank You card or a T-shirt

Example of intangible Perks: An electronic Thank You card (This is intangible, and it doesn't have an assessable value)"


Standard KYC ("Know Your Customer") Limits: PayPal account owners cannot receive funds beyond Euro 2,500 or GBP 1,900. Project Creators in the US and Europe alike may need to provide their tax ID or other identity information to PayPal in order to get their account limit lifted. This is a completely normal request and something that any business account would need to provide for any payment processor.

PayPal Guest Checkout Limitation: For European Union countries, only 10 guest payments are allowed per card. A single credit card can only be used 10 times to check out as guest. This means that if someone is trying to pump their own campaign, their credit card will be refused and the transaction will be unsuccessful.

Germany: PayPal Discontinued Guest Checkout: PayPal Germany requires everyone to set up a PayPal account in order to use PayPal. This means that every German contributor needs a PayPal account before they can contribute to a German campaign on FANPUSH.


No International Receiving: In early 2011, the Reserve Bank of India passed a regulation that restricts Indian accounts from receiving funds from accounts outside India. Only Indian accounts can send funds to other Indian accounts via PayPal, which means that your PayPal account will not be able to accept contributions on FANPUSH. We suggest using a non-Indian PayPal account.


PayPal Accounts Blocked: If someone logs in to PayPal from Egypt, their PayPal account will be immediately blocked. Project Creators can reactivate their PayPal account by contacting PayPal directly and authorizing somebody outside from Egypt to manage their PayPal account for the campaign.


PayPal transactions in Brazil may only be in Brazillian Reals and may not be personal (P2P) payments. Because of this restriction, campaigns from Brazil will not be able to accept contributions on FANPUSH through PayPal.

Like Brazil, payments via PayPal in Turkey cannot be P2P, thus Turkish Project Creators will not be able to receive contributions on FANPUSH via PayPal. Furthermore, Turkey-based accounts can only send money to other Turkey-based accounts.


PayPal Japan will not accept personal money transfers, only payment for goods. The fee for receiving money from outside of Japan is 2.9% + ¥40 per transaction. The currency conversion of U.S. Dollars to Yen will cost an additional 2.5% fee, calculated on the daily exchange rate. Finally, there is a ¥250 fee for all withdrawals under ¥50.000. Withdrawals over ¥50.000 are free.

Bosnian accounts are not able to send balance transactions. Therefore you will not be able to raise funds with PayPal.

For a complete list of country-specific PayPal restrictions, see: