Q. Who can create Project on FANPUSH?

FANPUSH is now available to anyone from around the world who are over the age of 18. If you would like to learn more please review our Guidelines for further details.

Q. How to Create a Project?

1)  The Process

  1. Let's Get Started
    • Select the category that best describes your Project
    • Determine how much you would like to raise - Your Goal for your Project
  2. Set Up Your Project - Enter your Project details
    • Project Basics - Project Card Image, Title of your Project, a Short Description, Location of your Project
    • Your Funding Target - Goal, Time Zone and Project Deadline (Specific Number of Days or Specific End Date)
    • Your Story - Tell your Supporters what your Project is all about and why you're raising funds - aka 'The Pitch'. This include either a Video or Image and Pitch Text.
    • Your Goods - Provide Goods in return for Contributions. Enter your Goods details. How much and how many are available? This is optional as Campaigns can be by donations only.
  3. Boost Your Project
    • Project Team: Add Team Members to your Project - having more people involved will help improve your Project's chances of reaching its Goal.
    • Video Gallery (optional) - add more videos related to your Project
    • Image Gallery (optional) - add more images related to your Project
    • Document (optional) - add document(s) related to your Project
    • External Links - Add Social Network Links related to your Project. This will provide your Project with more credibility. And the more credible you and your Project are, the more likely people will support it.
  4. Get Funded - As all Payment goes through PayPal, you will need to enter your PayPal account information.

* Please Note: All PayPal accounts needs to be verified before it can accept payments, please follow the necessary steps to opening and verifying an account with PayPal before starting your Campaign. Opening a PayPal account usually takes approx. 3-4 business as PayPal needs to verify your bank account information. Once you have entered all the required information, submit your Project into us for review. Once approved your Campaign will be active and you'll be able to start getting contributions to your Project.

2)  The Money

All Projects created on FANPUSH uses the Keep-It-All (Flexible) Funding Model, this means that it is not essential for the Project to reach its project goal for the Project Creator to receive funds contributed.

3)  The Goods/Rewards

  • The Goods you offer to your fans can be absolutely anything you feel is worth some value to your fans.
  • Please keep in mind these individuals are your fans and loyal supporters and are here to help you by supporting your cause; this is why it is essential to reward them with unique Goods that they will cherish forever.
  • The Goods you provide can vary in pricing. It is totally up to you to decide, but always keep in mind that these individuals are your fans so be realistic when setting your price value for your Goods.
  • Always remember, Goods may cost money to produce and may also need to be shipped out. Always keep this in mind when you are working out the value of your Goods.
  • If you like, you can also provide Experiences or Goods that doesn’t cost you a lot to produce. Things like a chance to hang out at your studio, download your new album, or even credits on your new album are great ideas to include in your Project.
  • But most importantly be creative and have fun. But always remember your fans and supporters are here to help you meet you Goal so treat them well.

4)  The Project

  • Once funds are raised, it is time to complete your Project as promised.
  • Be sure to keep your fans and supporters updated on the progress of your project with any important news you may want to provide them.

5)  The After Effect

  • Make sure to thank your fans and supporters.
  • Be sure to send out all your Goods to yours fans as stated in your Project
  • Remember, it is the sole responsibility of the Project Creator to get the Goods to your fans by the expected Delivery Date.

Q. How to become eligible to create a Project on FANPUSH?

All Projects created must meet our Guidelines and are be subjected to approval.

Q. How to prepare to Launch a Project?

  • First of all it is essential to decide the amount of money that you need for your entire Project
  • Try to be realistic with your goals
  • Create a budget and decide ahead of time how much everything is going to cost you
  • Decide ahead of time the Goods that you are going to reward your fans
  • Be sure to include all costs associated with the Goods you'll be providing to your fans for all their generous support
  • As well as all fees associated with your Project including the FANPUSH fee and PayPal fees.
  • If you would like to find more details of our fees, go to FANPUSH’s Fees
  • Select a timeframe that is suitable for your Project so that it can reach the desired target
  • Once your Project is live, what methods will you use to help spread the word? Develop an effective game plan ahead of time!

Q. What Interesting information to share on your Project page?

  • This is your opportunity to reach out to your fans and tell them exactly what your Project is all about.
  • Inform your supporters about the story that is behind what you are doing and why you are using FANPUSH to help you out.
  • Explain to your wonderful fans in detail what the money will be used for
  • Be Passionate but be Authentic!
  • Provide them with a detailed breakdown of the budget.
  • Remember: Creditability and Accountability is everything!
  • Inform your fans about the Goods offered in exchange for their support.
  • Make sure you go into details about each and every item and the Experiences that are being offered.
  • Explain to your fans how the Flexible Funding platform works. Ensure them that every little bit raised will be put to good use.
  • Add pictures, videos, and links to enhance the overall look and feel of your Project. The more professional your Project page looks, the more attention and support your Project will get.

Q. What is the Project Duration?

  • The duration of the Projects can be from anywhere between 30 days-120 days from the day you setup your Project.
  • Choose the timeframe that is the most suitable for your Project
  • Always keep your fan base in mind and how quickly they will react to your Project. You do not want a Project that is long dawn out which may lose people’s interest. But on the other hand, having a very short Project duration will require intense focus and dedication on everyone's part.

Q. How much does FANPUSH cost?

It is totally free to create a Project on FANPUSH! Only when Contributions are made toward the Project does FANPUSH charge a service fee.
Project Owner pay 4.0%* FANPUSH Fee and the PayPal Fee^ for all Projects whether it reached its goal or not.

• FANPUSH Fee includes 5.0% Goods & Services Tax (GST) for Projects within Canada
^ Standard PayPal fee in Canada & USA is 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.
^ PayPal fees for all other countries may vary depending on your country and the amount of money raised. For more information on PayPal fees, please visit PayPal Fees

Project Contributor (Supporters) does not pay a fee for contributing to a Project on FANPUSH. Only fees associated with your payment options (ie: credit cards) may occur. Please contact your credit card company before making your Payment. Contributions are processed and transferred to the Project Owners PayPal account immediately after payment has been made.

Q. How does the Funds get distributed?

  • FANPUSH uses PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway through which all money contributed will be directly deposited into the Project Creator’s PayPal account minus the fees associated with your project.
  • Funds are transferred immediately into Project Creator’s account once the Contribution has been made.
  • All PayPal fees on all transactions are paid by the Project Creator and are automatically deducted when money is transferred to Project Creator’s PayPal account.

Q. Can Project information be changed?

  • Once a Project has been officially approved and posted onto FANPUSH, you will not be able to edit your Financial Goal or Project Timeline. Please ensure this Information is correct before submitting your Project for review.
  • It is not recommended to change your Goods once the project has started. Please add more Goods instead of changing your Goods.

Q. Does FANPUSH charge Taxes?

Only Projects within Canada are charged a 5.0% Goods & Services Tax (GST) on service fees we collect. This fee has been worked into the overall FANPUSH commission fee so you will not have to pay anything extra.

Q. Questions about Taxes on your Project

It is the sole responsibility of the Project Creator to make sure they get the right tax information from their own accountant. FANPUSH does not offer or provide any tax advice.

Q. Who owns the rights to the Project?

The Project Creator owns the rights to the Project, FANPUSH does not get any percentage of your project or anyone who contributes to the project unless otherwise specified in your Project. It is your work, therefore you own the rights.

Q. Can we have more than one Project?

Project Creators are allowed a total of 4 Projects in a year. But we advise only having one project at a time for the best result.

Q. Are we able to cancel a Project?

You are able to cancel or delete your Project in your account Dashboard only if the Project has not been submitted or has not been approved by the Administrator. Once a Project has been approved and is visible to the general public, you will no longer be able to cancel or delete your Project.

Q. Can I cancel my Account?

All cancellations of accounts are subjected to approval by the Administrator. Accounts which have raised or has donated money should remain active and will not deleted. For more information on canceling or deleting your account, please contact support@fanpush.com

Q. Are Non-profit Organizations eligible to create a Project on FANPUSH?

Yes, all registered Non-profit Organizations must contact FANPUSH for more information before creating a Project.

Q. Does it cost anything to join FANPUSH?

No, FANPUSH is free to join and to contribute to Projects. Only once a Project receives Contributions does FANPUSH charge a service fee.

Q. How can I help PUSH a project?

Supporting a Project is simple
1) The Process
a. Search for the Project that interests you
b. Click on the "Contribute Now" button

2) The Goods/Rewards
Goods/Rewards are associated with your Contributions; select the Goods/Amount you would like to contribute

3) The Money
a. You can also Enter the amount you would like to contribute
b. Sign in to your PayPal account
c. Submit your Contribution

4) The After Effect
a. Project Creator will update you with the status of the Project
b. Once the Project has been completed the Goods will be delivered to you on or near the estimated delivery date.

Q. How can I help spread the word around?

Help promote the Project, share the Project with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email it to friends. The more people you bring to the Project the better the chance of this campaign reaching its Goal

Q. What method of payment do you use?

FANPUSH uses PayPal for all transactions.

Q. What happens to my Contribution?

  • Decide how much you are willing to contribute to the Project and select the Goods associated with the Contribution.
  • Sign in to your PayPal account and submit your payment.
  • Your total contribution will then be divided into two parts
    • The amount going to the Project
    • The amount to pay for the fees associated with the Project ie. PayPal and FANPUSH
  • Once you have submitted your Contribution, the funds will automatically transfer directly to the appropriate accounts. You do not need to do anything, PayPal does it for you.
  • All fees are deducted from the Project Creator – Contributors does not pay any fees for their Contributions*

* Only fees associated with your payment options (ie: credit cards) may occur.

Q. Are contributions tax-deductible?

No, Contributions are not tax-deductible unless otherwise stated in the Project.

Q. For questions regarding a project who should I contact?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding a particular Project, then you should directly contact the Project Creator.

Q. Accountability

  • It is the sole responsibility of the Project Creator to make sure that the Project is completed on time.
  • FANPUSH does not guarantee Projects or investigate a person’s ability to complete their particular Project
  • While on FANPUSH it is the Supporters who decide how worthy the Project actually is and if they would like to fund it.